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These Guys Are Making Stunning Drone Videos Of All The Lighthouses In Nova Scotia

34 down, about 140 more to go.

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Since Labour Day, Peyton and his partner Cory Webb have taken 34 stunning drone videos of lighthouses around Nova Scotia, with more videos planned.

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They upload their videos to YouTube and Facebook under the name Nō Ka 'Oi Drone Guys.


Peyton got started with a video of the Low Point lighthouse, where he met a member of the lighthouse's preservation society who explained the precarious state of the historic landmark.

Larry Peyton / Via

"The North Atlantic would gobble up the lighthouse" unless there were repairs to the broken breakwater, Peyton was told.

Wanting to do more, Peyton set out to document all the province's 175 or so lighthouses. Although he still considers it a hobby, he says he also wants to raise awareness of the province's lighthouses and make sure they're properly funded and maintained.

Larry Peyton

The lighthouse in Walton Harbour, Nova Scotia.

“The iconic one is Peggy’s Cove, and of course it’s well maintained and beautiful. … But a lot of people don’t know we have all these other lighthouses and what kind of condition they’re in.”

By cataloguing the lighthouses, "maybe we can get people interested to make some demands of all the levels of government, so I decided to drone them all,” Peyton said.

One of the biggest challenges is actually figuring out which of Nova Scotia's lighthouses are still fully functioning, and which ones have been replaced by skeletal towers that nobody maintains regularly.

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