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    A Vancouver Man Found A Drunk Stranger In His Bed And Let Him Stay The Night

    "You've never seen me before in your life."

    This guy came home recently and found a complete stranger passed out in his bed. The video he took of his back-and-forth with the stranger is priceless.

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    "Do you know who I am? Do you know where you are?" the homeowner asked the stranger after waking him up.

    "Apparently you're Sugar or some shit."

    "No dude, you're in the completely wrong house. You've never seen me before in your life."

    The rando insisted that he had every right to be there and sleeping in that bed.

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    "I own this bed, I literally own it," he said at one point. "I pay taxes for this bed."

    "Man, I literally own this house!" the exasperated homeowner replied.

    He eventually convinced the drunk houseguest to take a tour.

    NegativeGenie / Via

    "Does any of this look familiar to you? Have you been in this house before?"

    "Yeah, I used to live in this house," he said, realization of his mistake slowly dawning on him.

    The homeowner still let the guy crash for the night, albeit in another bed.

    "Honestly, I'll sleep in my bed tomorrow night," the stranger said by way of apology.

    "I got you, brother," the homeowner replied.

    The two then shook hands and said it was nice meeting each other, and all was well.

    According to The Province, the homeowner is thought to be someone named Jordan who lives in North Vancouver.

    Also his accent, generally friendly demeanour, and penchant for leaving his front door unlocked all point to this being a Canadian.

    Watch this very Canadian encounter between two strangers:

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