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These Guys Shovelling Snow While Dancing Will Lift Your Winter Spirits

"Ask three Africans living in Canada to shovel and this is what you get."

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These three people shovelling snow in Montreal while dancing are here to banish your winter blues.

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Richard Laubonet is an African dance and fitness instructor in Montreal who runs Djamboola Fitness. He and two of his students recently decided to take a quick video of themselves shovelling snow while showing off some of their moves.

"Ask three Africans living in Canada to shovel and this is what you get," Laubonet's video description reads in French.

Laubonet, who also goes by Rich'Art, told CBC Montreal the video quickly took on a life of its own.

"People sent me private messages, thanking me because it brought smiles to their faces," he said. "People wrote to me from everywhere — Australia, the United States, Israel. I can't believe it!"

Laubonet said after an outdoor workout at a nearby park, he decided to clear a children's area of the park that was covered with snow.

"When we were almost finished, we created an improvised dance with African dance moves and asked a friend to film it. What you see in the video is the result."

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