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People Had Hilarious Responses When Someone Suggested A "Kudatah" In Alberta

"We should over throw the NDP like a kudatah?"

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Albertans are mocking this hilarious Facebook conversation, which shows a small band of patriots plotting a coup d'état — nay, a kudatah — against the provincial NDP government.

"He spelt it in English, not in french."
SmarchHare/Reddit / Via

"He spelt it in English, not in french."

The comments were in relation to Bill 6, the government's controversial farm safety bill that sparked weeks of angry protests against the NDP, as well as death threats against Premier Rachel Notley.

The comments were left on the Global Edmonton Facebook page back in November, but the screenshot just started making the rounds on Reddit and Twitter.

The misspelling left a lot of people confused.

***opens Twitter after 6 hours away*** "What the hell is a #kudatah ?..."

Hmm, it did sound kind of familiar.

I remember when we all used to sing #kudatah around the campfire. #ableg

It wouldn't take a rocket appliance to figure this thing out, really.

"It's a worse case Ontario."
Reddit / Via

"It's a worse case Ontario."

It took me way too long to figure out what the hell #kudatah was. I must lack that Jenny say qwah for foreign languages.

What would the kudatah even look like?

Maybe more like this.

And who was behind the whole scheme?

Could it be Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary?

People vowed to resist.

I might die laughing... seriously... gasp, gasp... wheeze... #kudatah #ableg #cdnpoli #yql

Just remember: Don't underestimate Albertans.

All you #ableg eggheads think you're clever mocking AB spelling. You won't be laughing when the #kudatah is a Feta Kamplee!

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