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Drake Is Giving Penny Oleksiak Concert Tickets And We're So Excited For Her

The feel-good story of the year.

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So, as you already know, this is Penny Oleksiak, who just captured the hearts of the whole nation.

Gabriel Bouys / AFP / Getty Images

She became the first Canadian swimmer to win four medals at a single Olympics. She now has two bronze medals, a silver, and a gold for her 100-metre freestyle race.

So, she's basically the most successful 16-year-old in Canada.

But! Did you know that Penny is also a huge Drake fan?

May or may not have prayed to the 6ix god before my race last night..🙃 #worthit #torontopride

🙏 🙏 🙏

Penny and fellow Canadian swimmer Kylie Masse even listened to Drake to pump themselves up before events.

#rio @drake AND should I say rappin to Drake. Hey drake you want two Olympic medalists at your Toronto concert?!?

But when they tried to buy tickets to see Drake in concert, it didn't work out.

So @Kjmasse and I tried to buy @Drake tickets to celebrate.. Basically sold out🙃 #ugh #maybenexttime

Great GIF game, tho.


People started a campaign to get Penny her Drake tickets.

#rio #4 penny o does it again. Drake. Ya watching !?! First gold for 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

It was a matter of GRAVE NATIONAL CONCERN.

Dear @Drake - you know what you have to do...if anyone deserves to be on stage with's @OleksiakPenny

This needed to happen.

Um, @Drake, @OleksiakPenny cda's youngest gold medalist ever says she REALLY wants to see a Toronto concert. But tickets are sold out. Sooo?

A nation held its breath.

K so, has @Drake given @OleksiakPenny free tics yet? Get on that and support a new #TO hero!


And then, on Friday, there was news! Drake had heard Penny's prayers, and he answered them. She was getting tickets!

I am told @Drake's people will ensure gold-medallist @OleksiakPenny gets tickets to Toronto show in fall. #pennyoleksiak #Rio2016

The Globe and Mail said a source told them Drake "would make sure the swimmer was taken care of."