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This Heroic Dog Trainer In New Brunswick Took A Dogsled Through The Timmies Drive-Thru

The word "hero" definitely applies here.

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A dog trainer in Sussex, New Brunswick, redefined what it means to be a hero when she used a dogsled to get to Tim Hortons after a big snowstorm.

Allyson Mitton / Facebook

Allyson Mitton's border collies Shift and Braya were more than up to the task.

Mitton's video of her journey to Tim Hortons shows the sled zooming along the sidewalks.

CBC / Via

"It was just a slick sidewalk and stormy day, [there] was hardly any traffic, there was nobody walking, so that was our opportunity," Mitton told The Huffington Post Canada.

A massive winter storm had just dumped about 35 centimetres of snow on southern New Brunswick, leading to school closures across much of the province.

Watch the full video:

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