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This Woman Saw A Whole Family Of Bears In The Same Tree Eating Apples Together

Where's David Attenborough when you need him?

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A woman in Sudbury, Ontario, was driving in her neighbourhood this week when she saw something really unusual. An entire family of black bears had climbed up a tree in someone's yard to eat crab apples together.

Megan Sigurdson

“I live on that street, and there’s a forest on one side so we do have lots of bears,”

Megan Sigurdson told BuzzFeed News.

But it was still odd to see a mama bear and three cubs all in the same tree at the same time. Sigurdson said the branches would probably break if she had tried to climb up herself, "so I don't know how all four of the bears were in there."

Sigurdson took a video of the bear family from the car, and later shared it with the Spotted in Sudbury Facebook page.

Facebook: video.php

The video has now been watched almost a quarter million times.

Those must be some good apples.

Others on the page said they had seen the same bears there before. One person shared this photo from earlier in the summer.

"Could they have gotten that big so fast?" James Brady wrote.

Sigurdson said she wasn't surprised to see the bears cleaning up what was left of the crab apples. "They like to harvest anything they can. I’ve seen them eat anything," she said. "They really like garbage.”

Sigurdson said she's lived in many places, and that the reaction from friends outside Sudbury has been the strongest.

“People down here are used to it, but all my city friends are pretty amazed,” she said.

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