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These 9 Amazing Homes Are The Most Popular Airbnb Rentals In Canada

Who wants to stay on a private island?

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Canada is huge and beautiful and amazing. But you don't need to stay in a crappy place to do so. Here are the nine most desired Airbnb rentals in all of Canada.

Airbnb told BuzzFeed Canada that over the last year, Canadians hosted over 627,000 people from around the world. These are the most wish-listed Canadian places on the site.


5. This downtown Toronto penthouse.

Airbnb / Via

This place is located in downtown Toronto and overlooks the city's waterfront. And at $75/night, it's actually not that much more expensive than what many Torontonians pay in rent.


6. This gorgeous Vancouver loft.

Airbnb / Via

This place in Vancouver's Mount Pleasant neighbourhood can host up to two guests a night for only $75 per night.

There's also a "a very snuggly cat who thinks he's a dog," according to the description, so it's purrfect.