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No, There's Not Really A "Moose Invasion" Happening In Newfoundland

Have they taken the armoury?

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But if you've been following the news, you'll know that there's been a "moose invasion" of St. John's.

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"Newfoundland's capital is suddenly overrun with moose," according to a widely shared Canadian Press story.

It was picked up and republished by CTV, The Globe and Mail, National Post, and many other outlets.

Just one problem: Moose wander into the city every spring, and there's no evidence that it's any worse this year.

Here's how a wildlife expert explained the "moose invasion" to when the exact same thing happened in 2014:

"The females give birth to new calves in mid-May, so the calves they had the previous year are kind of parentless," John Blake, director of wildlife for the Department of Environment and Conservation, told CBC.

"So last year's calves, or yearlings, are very much uneducated and kind of looking for their own way in the world, so to speak."

Basically, they're teenagers who just got kicked out of the house and have no clue what they're doing.


Although police in St. John's deal with moose quite often, the invading hordes haven't really materialized.

"We're not overrun by moose," Constable Geoffrey Higdon, a media officer for the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary, told BuzzFeed Canada.

"There's not an invasion, there's not an increase," he said.

Higdon also suggested the whole thing is probably more of a novelty for people outside of Newfoundland, who aren't used to seeing the large animals roaming their cities.

That doesn't mean cops don't often find themselves in hilarious situations with moose, though. Here's an officer trying to talk down a young one who seemed lost... by doing a moose call.

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"We do respond to a significant number of moose calls, and sometimes they get really honky-tonk, really bizarre," Higdon said.

So while the moose problem has probably been exaggerated, it's still hilarious and weird.

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