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    This Stunning Video Of Montreal In The Fall Is Why Drones Were Invented

    Look at those colours!

    This drone video shot in Montreal will give you a whole new perspective of the city. Behold Mont-Royal in all its colourful fall glory.

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    The video was made by Florent Conti, a Toronto-based filmmaker who's also big into drones. When his passions intersect, he makes some truly beautiful stuff.

    Florent Conti / Via

    Conti told Buzzfeed Canada he shot the footage over an hour while visiting Montreal recently. "I was very excited about finally being able to share shots of this city that I love and where I am originally from," he said.

    Conti said he only started droning with his quadcopter in the last couple months, but he's already hooked.

    Florent Conti / Via

    Here's another video Conti made recently, this one featuring aerial views of Casa Loma and the Toronto skyline.

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    "I can't wait to spend more time travelling around and filming with my drone because there are so many amazing places in Canada that have yet to be explored by drone," Conti said.

    He's also interested in incorporating more aerial footage in his documentaries and other film projects.

    You can follow Florent Conti's work on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

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