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This Video Of A Marten Hunting Down A Hare In Northern Quebec Is Brutal And Fascinating

So cute. So lethal.

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A video of a marten's long-distance chase of its prey in northern Quebec is blowing up on Facebook. Note: You may want to avoid it if you're squeamish about the circle of life.

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Theresa MacLeod Loon and her husband James Loon were driving along the highway in Northern Quebec when they saw the marten chasing down a white hare.

James Loon / Via

MacLeod Loon told BuzzFeed Canada they came up behind the animals and followed at a bit of a distance.

"For a few seconds we watched, then I told him to start recording with his cell phone," she said.

The hare was doing well to outrun the marten, but it made a fatal error when it veered into a snowbank beside the road. The marten quickly caught up and pounced.

James Loon / Via

"We were both surprised to see the marten caught up to the hare," MacLeod Loon said. "Small and big game are often seen on our highway, but capturing moments like that is rare."

(FYI martens are related to weasels, wolverines, and badgers.)

It did not end well for the hare.

James Loon / Via

MacLeod Loon and her husband are both from Mistissini, a Cree town about eight hours north of Quebec City. She said others in their community have seen martens chase after prey before but never one that actually made the kill, especially covering such a great distance.

"They were surprised like us."


Here's a YouTube version of the video.

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