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    A Hero Dog In Alberta Snuck Out Of Her Kennel To Cuddle Two Lonely Puppies

    Maggie had just given up her own pups.

    A dog staying at a kennel outside Edmonton was caught on camera sneaking out of her enclosure to go sleep as close as possible to two puppies who were missing their mother.

    Barkers Pet Motel and Grooming

    The owner of Barkers Pet Motel and Grooming in St. Albert, Alberta, said she came back to the kennel after dinner and was surprised to see the dog out and about.

    “She had managed to sneak her way out and found the puppies," Sandi Aldred told BuzzFeed Canada.

    Maggie, an Australian shepherd cross who was at the kennel for a little over a week, had recently had her own litter of puppies weaned and taken away from her.

    "She just had that maternal instinct and she wanted to go out and be with them,” Aldred said.

    Barkers Pet Motel and Grooming

    Maggie "kind of MacGyvered her way out" of a small opening in her enclosure where her water bowl sat. "It wasn’t easy for her. She had to do a lot of wiggling,” Aldred said.

    Barkers Pet Motel and Grooming / Via Facebook: BarkersPetMotel

    Here's Maggie hanging out with her new BFFs Kari and Hannah. Staff let them sleep in the same room overnight.

    Maggie's owners came back the next day to pick her up, and Aldred showed them how well their dog was getting along with the puppies. "They knew they had a great little dog and were pretty impressed with her and her instincts," she said.

    The two puppies had just been dropped off at the kennel by the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society and are still looking for owners.

    Sandi Aldred

    Staff have been taking the puppies home at night to keep them company, just as Maggie did.

    "We've been here for nine years and we haven't seen this kind of instinct ever," Aldred said. "It's a totally new thing for us."

    Sandi Aldred
    Sandi Aldred

    Hannah and Kari.

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