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    This Canadian Dad Is The World's Greatest Builder Of Luxury Playhouses

    Tyson Leavitt has a dream job.

    A Canadian man's "stupid idea" to make extravagant playhouses has turned into a dream job in which he gets to bring children's wildest fantasies to life.

    Charmed Playhouses / Facebook

    Tyson Leavitt started Charmed Playhouses last year in Lethbridge, Alberta.

    "The reason I say this was a stupid idea is that we live in a prairie town in Alberta, in a recessed economy, and here we are making extravagant playhouses to a very small market," he said. "It's working for some reason."

    Leavitt started with only three employees. Now he has a staff of 15 and he's making luxury playhouses for clients all over North America. And he even has a TLC show in the works.

    Leavitt worked as a landscaper for eight years before starting Charmed Playhouses. "One thing that I noticed is that in all these yards there were never really spaces that kids could go and enjoy," he told BuzzFeed Canada.

    Charmed Playhouses / Facebook

    Even if a family's backyard had a rickety swing set, it was shoddily made and usually clashed with the rest of the yard and house.

    His fancy playhouses, on the other hand, are custom-made to suit the kids' interests. They can have fairy-tale designs or a more modern look, depending on what the family wants.

    This playhouse comes with horse swings.

    Charmed Playhouses / Facebook

    And here's the inside.

    Charmed Playhouses / Facebook

    One of Leavitt's clients is Steph Curry. Here's what Charmed Playhouses is working on for the NBA superstar.

    Curry's daughter Riley is pretty stoked about the whole thing.

    This Rapunzel-themed playhouse is one of the first really fancy ones Leavitt made. It even comes with a blonde braid.

    Leavitt's team has made about 20 playhouses since then, and he has tons more orders lined up. They come in all shapes and sizes, although they can cost a pretty penny.

    Charmed Playhouses / Facebook

    "We have playhouses that are $7,000 and we have playhouses that are over $100,000," Leavitt said. "It's not up to us. The ideas come from our clients."

    Leavitt said he had a playhouse growing up, and he wants to share that experience with the next generation. Especially at a time when there are so many electronic distractions, he said going outside and using your imagination is still magical.

    All the playhouses are made in Leavitt's workshop, then delivered to the families for final assembly. He said the best part is still seeing the look on people's faces when they see it all come together.

    Charmed Playhouses / Facebook

    "When you're there you're almost a rock star. People [living nearby] come out, the kids are all out, people gather. Parents and kids are all smiling and there's people crying usually, including my staff."

    "That's what makes this job unreal."

    Charmed Playhouses / Facebook

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