These Two Men Tore Down A Pride Flag And Stuffed It Down A Sewer Grate

    Police are looking for the men.

    Two men in London, Ontario, were caught on camera tearing a Pride flag down and stuffing it into the sewer.

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    The flag had been hanging outside Aeolian Hall, a music venue in downtown London.

    Surveillance footage of the incident shows two people walking past the venue when one of them decides to jump up and rip down the flag.

    The Aeolian / Facebook / Via Facebook: video.php

    They initially walked away before doubling back and stuffing the flag down a nearby sewer grate.

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    London police say they're searching for the two men in the video.

    "We are extremely saddened by this act but remain resolved to provide London, Ontario a venue that welcomes all Londoners," said Aeolian Hall, which is located near the route of the city's annual Pride parade.

    Aeolian Hall

    In late July, another Pride flag in London hanging outside someone's home was burned by unknown vandals.

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