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    This Guy Took Some Amazing Photos Of "Light Pillars" Filling The Night Sky

    "I thought it was the Northern Lights at first."

    Here's the incredible light show that filled the night sky last week in North Bay, Ontario.

    Elzinga said he would have missed the whole thing if he hadn't been woken up in the middle of the night by his two-year-old son Gibson.

    "I just saw these insane lights coming out of the sky," Elzinga said. "I thought it was the Northern Lights at first."

    Elzinga rushed outside and saw some of his neighbours peering at the sky as well. "It definitely looks like something out of Close Encounters or something."

    Light pillars occur when ice crystals in the air refract light into vertical columns. This can be happen with street lights or other sources of light on the ground.

    "Some people were saying they're faked or photoshopped, but I know they're real because I have a bunch of blurry photos that didn't turn out," Elzinga said.

    "I think people see this as otherworldly."