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The Calgary Humane Society Made A Ridiculous Ad For "Pre-Owned Cats"

Felines, felines, felines!

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And this beauty boasts "a top speed of 30 miles an hour."

Calgary Humane Society / Via

Philip Fulton, the shelter's outreach coordinator who played the used-cat salesman, really threw himself into the role.

“If we were going to do this, we were going to do it right — and by right we mean wrong — and make it look terrible and as cheesy as possible,” Fulton told The Canadian Press.

For one day only, the Humane Society offered reduced adoption prices for all "pre-owned cats" on the lot.

Calgary Humane Society / Via Facebook

Summer is kitten season, and with it most animal shelters find themselves overwhelmed with new cats. That's why a late-summer adoption drive is so crucial.

The Cat-Tastic Summer Pawty was a HUGE success.

Calgary Humane Society / Via Facebook

The Calgary Humane Society's one-day extravaganza on Aug. 22 found permanent homes for 34 animals. That's more than double the typical number, Fulton told BuzzFeed Canada.

All it took was some salesmanship.

Calgary Humane Society / Via YouTube

And, of course, people willing to adopt some adorable shelter animals and give them a new lease on life.

(Remember, there are always more pets looking for their forever homes!)


Watch the full video below.

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