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    Canada, We Need To Talk About The Pronunciation Of LaCroix

    There's no fucking way we're calling it "La-CROY."

    Hello. This is LaCroix, a seltzer product that is very popular in the United States.

    Honestly it can get kinda weird.

    Recently, LaCroix announced that they're expanding into Canada, to be sold at Ontario Whole Foods stores.

    Some people are super stoked.

    LaCroix has finally come to Canada?? Drown me in it.

    The day has finally come.


    There's just one problem, folks. The company pronounces its own name all wrong. Like "La-CROY" wrong.



    LaCroix / Via

    Now, maybe this shit flies in America, but here in Canada that makes absolutely no sense.


    Canada is a bilingual country, and round these parts, we pronounce this "La KRWAH."

    Also it's literally in our national anthem.

    Citizenship and Immigration Canada / Via

    But wait! There's more.


    As it turns out, LaCroix has actually been available in parts of Western Canada for some time. We called four different stores in Alberta and B.C. that stock LaCroix to ask how people there have been pronouncing it.


    Four out of five employees we asked said they've been pronouncing it La KRWAH.


    And the one person who said "La-CROY" was pretty hesitant about it, because obviously that pronunciation makes no sense.

    We reached out to LaCroix for comment. They did not get back to us.

    So as LaCroix moves into more markets in Canada, let's just remember how it's actually pronounced.

    LaCroix is launching in Canada! 1) Awesome. 2) Nobody is going to pronounce it "LaCroy" like they've convinced Ame…

    Because this La-CROY shit is not happening. Nope.


    Thank you for your time.

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