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21 Hilarious Reactions To Kevin O'Leary Dropping Out Of The Conservative Race

Kevin O'Leary is dropping out and endorsing Maxime Bernier for leader, saying he didn't have enough support in Quebec to become prime minister.

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Kevin O'Leary dropped out of the Conservative leadership race on Wednesday, saying he lacked enough support in Quebec to become prime minister.


As first reported by the Globe and Mail, O'Leary is endorsing Quebec MP Maxime Bernier instead.

O'Leary told the Globe that he hoped to grow his support in Quebec as the campaign went on, but with only weeks to go before Conservatives vote on a new leader, it's clear that wasn't going to happen. He also called the province "the Florida of Canada" because "they often decide who wins an election.”

1. Whom amongst us could have possibly known about Quebec? Whom, I ask!

2. If only there had been some way to foresee this.

It's almost as if not speaking French & having a fraction of the name recognition in Qc as the ROC were foreseeable issues for O'Leary

3. People had some complicated reactions to the news.

That ten seconds of joy that O'Leary dropped out before remembering who the other 6873 candidates are.


4. O'Leary was all in... for a while.

For those of you scoring at home, Kevin O'Leary's political career was 99 days from start to finish.

5. "I'm out."

65% of Dragons' Den pitches are longer than Kevin O'Leary's political career

6. Is this what we're calling it now?

7. And of course, people are taking this opportunity to share old photos of O'Leary.

I, for one, am shocked that this guy is trying to play kingmaker.


8. And boy are there a lot of them.

9. All the classics.

10. Don't worry. It's not the first L for the K-Man.

11. People wondered what made O'Leary change his mind.

The O'Leary campaign sent out a fundraising pitch at 10:13am this morning. When did he decide he was dropping out?


12. O'Leary was still fundraising for his campaign mere hours before he dropped out.

This is from 2 hours ago!

13. Even his former Dragons' Den family is roasting him.

14. What changed his mind? Was he bought off?

I assume O’Leary was promised something big. Like a guarantee he never has to visit a small Canadian town and pretend to like normals again


15. Maybe Maxime Bernier just opened his eyes to the truth.

You think Maxime Bernier Red Pilled Kevin O’Leary on the fact that Quebec exists?

16. At least he still has Shark Tank.

Kevin O'Leary has just scored a big win for the ABC network publicity dept. at minimal cost. Was this not the plan all along?

17. Never has one man campaign so hard for a job he didn't really seem to want very much.

Kevin O'Leary says he worked like Hell on his campaign - if your idea of work is campaigning from Fla in Capri pants with a glass of cab

18. Mission accomplished.

Kevin O'Leary drops out of #cpcldr, heads back to Boston. #cdnpoli


19. Congratulations, Conservative Party of Canada. You played yourself.

Conservative Party confirms that the leadership ballots have already been printed and sent out, meaning O'Leary's name is on there.

20. Who knows... maybe it's not too late for O'Leary after all?

Watch O’Leary remain on the ballot and win anyway.

21. Farewell, sweet prince.

Kevin O'Leary might have bowed out of the leadership race, but at least he still holds his head high when he walks…

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