Justin Trudeau Will Attend Toronto's Pride Parade, Making Him The First Canadian Prime Minister To Do So

    Executive Director Mathieu Chantelois says this may be the first time any sitting national leader has taken part in a pride parade.

    Justin Trudeau will attend this year's Pride parade in Toronto, making him the first Canadian prime minister to take part in the event.

    We’re delighted to announce that @JustinTrudeau will be the first Prime Minister in history to attend #PrideTO!

    Pride Toronto's executive director Mathieu Chantelois told BuzzFeed Canada he was ecstatic about Trudeau's involvement.

    "[It's] big news in Canada but big news around the world," Chantelois said. "Not only because he is probably the sexiest politician alive but also because there has never been a leader of a country to walk in a parade, at least not that we know of.”

    He said no former Canadian prime minister has taken part in a Toronto Pride parade, either.

    Trudeau, who has attended Pride parades in Toronto and Vancouver for years, tweeted that he looked forward to being there again, "this time as PM."

    Very much look forward to being there again, this time as PM. #PrideTO https://t.co/cz5gBLZNyD

    Chantelois said he spoke to Trudeau recently at his office in Ottawa, where he was "very surprised" and "very excited" to hear he would be the first Canadian prime minister to take part.

    “It’s a nice way to make history,” Chantelois said.

    He said Trudeau also showed a deep understanding and commitment to issues facing the LGBT community in Canada.

    "When we met him in his office, he was really serious about talking about trans rights, about equal rights, about immigration, about gay men donating blood," Chantelois said. "All these things are very important topics for him.”

    The Toronto Pride Parade takes place July 3.