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Cops Pulled Over This Driver And Found A Phone And A Tablet Mounted On His Steering Wheel

He also had his headphones in.

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Police in Vancouver stopped a driver who had two screens mounted on his steering wheel — a tablet and a phone.

Vancouver Police Department

According to the Vancouver Sun, the Lexus driver was pulled over after an officer noticed he was wearing headphones. That's when he saw that he had rigged up his steering wheel with a tablet and an iPhone.

"Can't make it up," the VPD traffic unit tweeted.

Can't make it up. Guy had iPad and cell phone attached by strings on steering wheel while driving! Yes, that's his…

The screens were apparently attached to the steering wheel with string.

"Yes, that's a ticket he's holding," the tweet said.

People couldn't believe it.

This guy was pulling some Mr. Bean shit.

@VPDTrafficUnit Is this your suspect?


"Take his license."

@VPDTrafficUnit Just wow. Take his license

People also pointed out that he had basically built a "personal shrapnel mine" that could cause some serious damage.

@VPDTrafficUnit @GlobalBC Not only is that dangerous from a distracted driving perspective, he's essentially create…

"Does he realize that his rig will kill him if the airbag gets deployed?"

@VPDTrafficUnit Does he realize that rig will kill him if the airbag gets deployed?

The Lexus driver got off with an $81 ticket for not having his license. A distracted driving ticket would have cost him $368, but the officer decided that educating him about his unsafe choices would be a more effective lesson, according to the Vancouver Sun.

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