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Someone Asked Lewis Black To Tell Jason Kenney To Fuck Off, So He Obliged

Sure, why not?

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Comedian Lewis Black would like Jason Kenney to "fuck off," even if he's not exactly sure who Kenney is.

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Kenney, who held a number of different cabinet positions under Stephen Harper, is currently running for the leadership of Alberta's newly formed United Conservative Party, the result of a merger between the Progressive Conservatives and Wildrose Party.

The longtime Daily Show contributor was performing in Calgary earlier this month when someone in the crowd asked him to tell Jason Kenney to fuck off. The request came near the end of the show, when people could write in with topics for Black to rant about.

"Hey Lewis. We have an asshole in Alberta called Jason Kenney," read the note. "He's trying to bring Trump politics to Alberta. Could you please tell him to fuck off for us?"


After asking if there were any Kenney fans in the audience, and noting that they all seemed to be sitting at the back, Black was happy to oblige.

"So fuck off, Jason Kenney. Fuck off."

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One person who attended the show told BuzzFeed Canada the gag got a huge reaction from the audience, even thought Black seemed "very befuddled" by the whole thing.

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