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People Gave This Movie Usher A Beautiful Memorial At The Theatre Where He Worked For Decades

R.I.P. James Loader

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Friends, family, and fans held a beautiful memorial for a legendary movie usher in Toronto, who died Jan. 3 after working at the Morningside theatre in Scarborough for decades.


James Loader worked as an usher at Morningside and other Scarborough theatres for 55 years. He was 83 years old and worked his last shift just just days before his death.

Since Loader's death, people have been sharing memories of their favourite ticket ripper on a Facebook group devoted to him.

The group was started in 2007 as a half-joking tribute to a local celebrity, but over time it gained more than 2,000 members.


Fans also pitched in more than $4,000 to help cover funeral costs.

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"As many of you know, the costs for a funeral are very expensive," his granddaughter Nicole Lalonde wrote on GoFundMe. "James was an extremely hard worker, but he struggled financially, and it is currently difficult to pay for a ceremony he deserves."

Cineplex told BuzzFeed Canada the company plans to build a permanent podium at the Morningside theatre in honour of Loader's long career and the many lives he touched.


"He was a valued member of our team and icon in the Scarborough community," Cineplex spokesperson Sarah Van Lange said. "He really was a legend who will be greatly missed."

(BuzzFeed Canada has reached out to Loader's family for comment. We will update this post if we hear back.)

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