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This Guy Got Run Over By A Deer And The Video Is Kind Of Amazing

Oh deer.

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This is Cary McCook.

Cary McCook / Facebook

The 25-year-old — from the Kwadacha First Nation in British Columbia — is a rapper who performs with the hip-hop group Reka-NatioN. But that's not what propelled him to viral internet fame this week.

McCook wasn't hurt, but he was having a hard time getting people to believe him. It happened on April Fool's Day, after all.

Facebook: cary.mccook

He shared this photo on Facebook showing his sweater covered in deer fur after the collision, but most people still assumed he was pulling a prank. McCook told CBC Radio's As It Happens that not even his mom believed his story at first.

"I call my mom and then I tell her, 'Mom, I got hit by a deer.' She couldn't believe it," he said. "She's like, 'All right, Cary, good one.' I'm like, 'No, I'm serious. I got hit by a deer in front of my hotel room.' She wouldn't believe me."

McCook eventually got his hands on the security video, which shows that yes, he definitely got demolished by a deer.

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"Everyone was sharing it and my family, they're like, 'Holy dang! You weren't joking. You actually got hit by a deer,'" McCook said.

While most people might be a bit upset, McCook is pretty stoked about the whole thing. He said it was all worth it just to give others a good laugh.

Facebook: cary.mccook

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