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A Fishing Boat Caught This Rare, Freaky Fish Off The Coast Of Nova Scotia

A longnose chimaera?

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A fishing vessel working off the coast of Nova Scotia just caught this freaky looking fish with glowing green eyes.

Scott Tanner

Scott Tanner, one of the fishermen on board, told BuzzFeed Canada it caught the whole crew off guard.

“We dumped a bag of fish out and it came down the ramp. Everything was going the way it should be but then one of the guys hollered to come over and check something out,” Tanner said.

Everyone stopped what they were doing to go look at their unusual catch. The fish was about three-and-a-half feet long, had a pointy snout, and those creepy green eyes. Most of the crew had no idea what they were looking at.

“Two guys on the boat, about 50 and 60 years old, they’d seen something like it before.”

Tanner said they caught the fish 30 days into a 42-day fishing trip, in the water between Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. After looking into it when he got back to land, Tanner says the fish is likely a longnose chimaera, a rarely-seen deepwater fish species.

“Anything can come up in the net," Tanner said. The crew had been looking for more common fish like pollock, haddock, and flounder when "that just happened to be in there.”

Scott Tanner

As for what happened to the unusual fish: Tanner said the crew simply threw it back in the water and kept working.

Tanner has been working in the fishing industry for about a year, but his father spent his whole life fishing. Even he hadn't seen anything like the longnose chimaera.

Scott Tanner

Tanner said if he ever catches something like it again, he may try to preserve it, now that he knows how rare they are. But he doesn't like his chances.

“Nobody really expects something like that to come out of the water around Nova Scotia. I’ll probably never see one again,” he said.

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