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Here's The Insulting Truck Decal About Notley And Trudeau That's Blowing Up In Alberta

“Things that are offensive are not necessarily criminal."

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A lot of people in Alberta are talking about this truck decal that insults Rachel Notley and Justin Trudeau, and calls for them to be voted out of office.

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The decal has images of the Alberta premier and the Canadian prime minister, with a call to "ditch the bitch" and "punt the cunt" in future elections.

According to Global News, the truck's owner Andy Styles put the message on the back window of his pick-up for "the shock and awe factor." He is not a fan of Notley and Trudeau's policies, and he doesn't care who knows it.

“I chose a message that I felt in no uncertain terms would show my absolute disgust for both the provincial and federal government," Styles said.

A Facebook photo of the decal has been shared thousands of times. While many Albertans seem to agree with the message, others are calling it out for being sexist and offensive.

The Strathcona County RCMP said it would not fine or charge Styles for his anti-Notley, anti-Trudeau message.

RCMP spokesperson Gibson Glavin told 660 News that unless there was a threat or incitement to violence, there was no action the RCMP would take.

“Things that are offensive are not necessarily criminal," Glavin said.

Interestingly enough, during last year's federal election, an Edmonton driver was punished for putting a "Fuck Harper" sign in his rear window.


Rob Wells was fined $543 for creating a distraction for other drivers.

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