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    A Cop Told Kids That Smoking Weed Gives Boys "Boobies"

    "We are aware of the misinformation about cannabis that was unfortunately provided to the community by our officers."

    Marco Ugarte / AP

    A Canadian police force admitted one of its officers was spouting bullshit when he told high school students that smoking weed will make boys grow "boobies."

    The officer made the claim in front of about 100 students from various Catholic high schools in the York Region north of Toronto, according to the York Catholic District School Board. The annual conference is meant to address students' questions about drugs, and this year's event included information on how marijuana legalization will impact them.

    "You have peer pressure and drug dealers telling you about the great effects of marijuana, but I’m here to tell you there are some very negative effects," said Nigel Cole, a drug recognition officer with the York Regional Police, according to a transcript of the meeting published by the Aurora Banner newspaper.

    "There are studies that marijuana lowers your testosterone; we call it ‘doobies make boobies.’ We’re finding 60% of 14-year-olds are developing ‘boobies.’"

    While the claim that cannabis causes gynecomastia has been around a long time, there is not much scientific support for it.

    That wasn't the only dubious claim Cole made, however. In response to another question about safe driving, he told the students that "half a joint is equivalent to seven alcoholic beverages."

    People have been calling out the police officer for spreading misinformation.

    Why is @YRP sending police officers to schools to misinform children about #cannabis? "Doobies make boobies" is not…

    Some have called for Cole to lose his position educating the public.

    @YRP “doobies make boobies”?!?? Nigel Cole should be laughed out of his position and publicly ridiculed for his ab…

    "This is 1930s level reefer madness!"

    Lying cop tells students that: (1) a half joint equals impairment of seven drinks. (2) cannabis makes men grow brea…

    On Tuesday, the York Regional Police admitted it had screwed up.

    "We're no health experts, but we're pretty sure getting high does not cause enhanced mammary growth in men," the police force tweeted, saying it would address the "misinformation" given out about cannabis.

    We’re no health experts, but we’re pretty sure getting high does not cause enhanced mammary growth in men. We are a…

    BuzzFeed Canada reached out to the York Regional Police for additional information.


    This article has been updated with additional information provided by the York Catholic District School Board.