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There Was A Goat In Toronto And People Couldn't Handle It

Meet Turbo, the Nigerian dwarf goat who took Toronto by storm.

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A very important thing happened in Toronto on Thursday. A goat rode the train into town, went on TV, and just generally hung out being chill AF.

.@turbo_goat is making his mark around the big city! See him perform in "Goats on the Go" @THERAWF! #RoyalGoat

Turbo the goat is in Toronto for the Royal Winter Fair, taking place Nov. 6 to 15. He rode into Toronto on a GO Train early in the morning.

Goat on a train! We have a special guest riding with us today – say hi to @turbo_goat if you spot him! #RoyalGoat

People couldn't take their eyes off him.

Take a selfie with me to win tickets to win tickets to @THERAWF and tag #RoyalGoat

Making all kinds of new friends on @GOtransit on my way to the @THERAWF

According to City News, Turbo made history by becoming the first ever goat to ride the GO Train.

Here's Turbo arriving at Union Station.

Well #Toronto I'm here at @unionstationTO what sights shall I see first! #RoyalGoat

He's kind of a big deal.

@turbo_goat has arrived in #Toronto! Soon we're off to see the sights! #royalgoat #unionstation #goatinthecity

Then it was time to do some sight-seeing.

Service fit for a king here at @FairmontRYH #RoyalGoat

And hanging with his crew.

Love my Royal Entourage following my big city adventures today #RoyalGoat

Doing important business.

.@turbo_goat now in the financial district to open the TSX.

Going on TV... where he had a bit of an accident.

Turbo the Goat live @cp24 right now! He got a "wee" bit nervous about meeting @stephaniesmyth.

Turbo then did some more sightseeing on the streetcar.

Kids 12 and under ride free #TTC #RoyalGoat @turbo_goat

The five-year-old Nigerian dwarf goat gets to ride the TTC for free.

Met up with another special fare Inspector! #ttc #turbothegoat #royalgoat #proofofpaymentplease

All in all, it was a great day.

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