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This Facebook Page Asked People To Stop Posting GIFs, So They Posted Thousands More

Good job, internet.

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A Facebook news page that asked people to stop posting GIFs because they were "very annoying" has been inundated with thousands of GIFs, because of course.


The Red Deer News & Area page shares news and links related to Red Deer, Alberta, and has more than 57,000 fans and followers.

This week, the page administrator asked his readers to stop commenting with GIFs because they were cluttering up and slowing down the page. "Some are very rude and graphic," the note said.

This obviously had the opposite effect. The post has been shared thousands of times and gotten almost 60,000 comments. Most of them are GIFs.


The page administrator Richard, who did not want to give his full name, told BuzzFeed Canada that his page was "under attack" from everyone posting nothing but GIFs.

He said he had "lost control" of the page due to the avalanche of GIFs, which show no signs of stopping.

And yes, there are quite a few "rude and graphic" ones in there.


What even...?


Richard said he had been frustrated by "all the very rude GIFs being posted" on his page and the inability to disable them.

"So I thought I would ask nicely if people would stop posting them," he said.

Richard acknowledged that his polite request "didn’t work well."

Yep, this is about what you'd expect.

Ishmael Daro is a social news editor for BuzzFeed and is based in Toronto.

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