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The Guy Who Was Fired Over That "FHRITP" Video Is Back At Work

Shawn Simoes was on Ontario's Sunshine List for making more than $100,000.

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Hydro One has rehired an employee it fired earlier this year after he defended the practice of yelling "fuck her right in the pussy" into reporters' microphones.

City News

Shawn Simoes was one of several men who laughed and defended the obscene phrase when a passerby yelled it into City News reporter Shawna Hunt's microphone outside a Toronto FC game in May.

"It is fucking hilarious," Simoes said when confronted by Hunt on camera.

The incident became national news and Hydro One, Ontario's electrical transmission company, fired Simoes shortly after he was identified as an employee.

City News

Global News was first to report that Simoes has been rehired after an arbitration process.

Hydro One confirmed the news to BuzzFeed Canada, but did not answer when asked whether he would return to the same job and salary as he had before. Simoes was included on the 2014 Ontario Sunshine List of public employees as an "assistant network management engineer/officer" making $106,510 a year.

"There is an arbitration process in place. Hydro One made its views very clear. This matter was resolved through the arbitration process," Hydro One said in a brief statement.

Hydro One

Hydro One, which handles electrical transmission in much of the province, is being sold off in several chunks by the Liberal government of Ontario. That also removes Hydro One employees from future Sunshine Lists.

Many Canadian reporters have spoken out about how frequently they are targeted for abuse during live TV hits, saying FHRITP incidents happen on a weekly or even daily basis. It's usually young men screaming it at female reporters.

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