Oct. 25, 2015

    An Entire Ontario Town Held Christmas In October For A 7-Year-Old Boy With Cancer

    Evan Leversage even got to ride in Santa's sleigh.

    Christmas came early to St. George, Ontario, this year. The town decided to move its Christmas celebrations up a couple months in honour of Evan Leversage, a terminally ill 7-year-old whose story united the whole community.


    Evan has been battling brain cancer for the last five years, and his condition has worsened.

    "The doctor said for us to move Christmas dinner up to mid-October because he most likely wouldn’t make it for Christmas," his cousin Shelly Wellwood told BuzzFeed Canada. "We arranged the dinner, but my favourite thing about Christmas is the Christmas lights, and I was sad that Evan would miss that part.”

    Wellwood asked a few neighbours to consider putting up their lights a bit earlier in the year for Evan, and before she knew it, "the idea snowballed" and the whole town decided to take part in the early Christmas celebrations.

    Can't wait to celebrate early Christmas In St. George with awesome 7-year-old Evan Leversage.

    Hundreds of homes in St. George decided to put their decorations up early this year. Aside from the lack of snow, it's Christmas in St. George.

    U can feel the love for Evan in St George #lightsonforevan

    Arriving with a police escort and wearing an official Ontario Provincial Police jacket, Evan was given the seat of honour for the Santa Claus parade on Saturday.

    Chris Young / THE CANADIAN PRESS

    Evan Leversage getting ready for Xmas parade in St. George. #Evan #lightsonforevan#

    Hundreds of people took part in the procession, and thousands attended the town's "Christmas in October" celebration.

    Chris Young / THE CANADIAN PRESS
    Chris Young / THE CANADIAN PRESS

    He even got to ride in Santa's sleigh.

    Chris Young / THE CANADIAN PRESS

    Merry Christmas, Evan!

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