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This Sports Arena Changed Women’s Bathrooms To Men’s For The NHL Playoffs

Bladder control has never been more important.

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The Edmonton Oilers have turned some women's bathrooms into men's bathrooms at Rogers Place during the NHL playoffs. Needless to say, many women are pretty unhappy about it.


Two women’s bathrooms were converted for use by men during the playoff series against the Anaheim Ducks. Oilers management said it merely reflected the demographics of those attending the games.

“As we’ve done for many concerts here at Rogers Place where the crowd skews one gender or the other, the demographics — certainly we’ve seen, at concerts like John Mayer, the Lumineers, Dixie Chicks, Dolly Parton, where it’s a predominantly female crowd — we’ve switched washrooms from male to female," Tim Shipton with the Oilers Entertainment Group told Global News.

The move, which was supposed to shorten line-ups for men, has caused "chaos" for the women attending the games.

Thanks @RogersPlace for screwing the females with the bathroom change. This is chaos.

People are NOT happy.


wait a second, men complained about waiting in bathroom lines, so they converted some of the women's to men's...…


"One women's bathroom for the entire end of the arena... come on now!"

@RogersPlace @EdmontonOilers heads up on bathroom changes would be nice! One women's bathroom for the entire end of the arena...come on now!

Also, women have to deal with this bullshit all the time. Maybe the men should just toughen up a bit.

lmao @ the oilers god forbid men have to wait two minutes to piss try being any women at any big event or lbr an airport is bathroom hell

Some people are trying to come up with creative solutions to the mess.

I have two solutions for this bathroom malarkey at @RogersPlace 1. Allow men to use women's washrooms after line's done 2. Catheters

Of course, there's a really obvious solution here that nobody at Rogers Place seems to have considered...

The washroom discussion for @RogersPlace is moronic. Maybe we need to grow up and just make all washrooms gender-neutral?


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