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A Photographer Found A Striking Way To Include A Couple's Son In Their Family Photos After His Death

"It's so nice that people are all so moved by the pictures."

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Jodi and Ted Parent lost their son Cole to brain cancer three years ago. His death devastated the family, leaving daughter McKenna as the only child.

Jodi Parent told Global News they decided to try to have another baby to “bring some joy back” to the family. In October, the Parents welcomed baby Isla.

"When the mother contacted me about newborn photos I asked her if she would be interested in the concept," photographer Natalie D'Aoust told BuzzFeed Canada. "And she immediately was thrilled by the idea."

Natalie D'Aoust

"I'm a mother myself so I can only imagine how therapeutic it is to be able to see your children together," D'Aoust said.

The positive reaction to the photos has been overwhelming, D'Aoust said. "It's so nice that people are all so moved by the pictures."

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