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    This Guy Had To Eat His Words After Betting Against The Raptors

    He had to eat his words.

    This is Kazeem Famuyide. He's the founder and editor-in-chief of Stashed magazine and a regular on MTV2's Uncommon Sense With Charlamagne.

    Twitter / RealLifeKaz

    But for our purposes today, he's The Guy Who Didn't Believe In The Raptors.

    RealLifeKaz/Twitter / Via Twitter: @RealLifeKaz

    Famuyide tweeted at the start of the Raptors-Cavaliers series that he didn't think Toronto could take two games from Cleveland, and he was so confident that he was willing to wager his phone.

    He told BuzzFeed Canada that he'd just watched Lebron James and the Cavaliers steamroll their way through the playoffs while the Raptors fought tooth and nail to advance against the Indiana Pacers and the Miami Heat.

    "I thought they had the same chance that Yao Ming had of winning a three-point contest," Famuyide said.

    Well GUESS WHAT. Time to chow down!

    Vaughn Ridley / Getty Images

    The Raptors have tied the series up 2-2 after two incredible home wins, earning apologies from lots of people who doubted the team.

    Although he's a Knicks fan, Famuyide said he watched with growing alarm as the Raptors closed in on their second win. "I'm yelling at my TV like, 'Lebron, shoot the goddamn ball. Lebron, take over the goddamn game. You are by far the best player on the court, possibly in the world. You should be able to handle this!'"

    People were ready for it.

    "@RealLifeKaz: If the raptors win two games I will throw my cellphone in some teriyaki stir fry and eat it"

    @RealLifeKaz Are you gonna talk the talk or wok the wok?

    A man of his word, Famuyide fired up the stove and got to cooking.

    He initially tossed his iPhone 6 in the pan, but realized he had a loophole he could use. He didn't specify that it had to be his current phone.

    Stashed / Via

    "I came to my senses," he said.

    "I grabbed my old iPhone and as I'm ready to finish the stir-fry, I toss it in there and let it stir and sizzle for about 30 seconds."

    Famuyide said the stir-fry turned out pretty well, and more importantly, he kept his word. "It tasted like integrity," he said.

    Stashed / Via

    He says despite the Raptors' impressive comeback, the Cavaliers are still likely going to win the series — but he's not making any more wagers on it.

    "I know better than to bet against Toronto now. They literally made me eat my words."

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