Posted on Dec. 5, 2017

    People In Halifax Are Going Crazy For These Donair Tree Ornaments

    Halifax gonna Halifax.

    People in Halifax loooove their donairs. So it makes sense that they're buying little donair Christmas tree ornaments to remind them of all that greasy late-night snacking.


    The donair tree ornament is made by Eurekatec, a Halifax 3D-printing shop that got the idea from one of its customers.

    Last week, someone on Reddit shared video of this amazing tree ornament, which he had made on his 3D printer.

    Reddit / Via

    Gary Marsh said he was inspired by the Donair Cam, a live feed of meat cooking at a Halifax donair shop that went viral last month. He also used a small motor to make the meat spin.

    Marsh was inundated with requests to make more ornaments, so he approached Eurekatec founder Mohammed Issa to see if he'd be interested in meeting the demand.

    "He basically designed it just as a joke, and he posted it on Reddit for a laugh," Issa told BuzzFeed Canada. "People were crazy about it."

    Issa said he sold the first 100 ornaments within hours of making them available for sale on his website, and he doesn't expect it to slow down.

    "Currently we have five printers going 24/7 printing these things," Issa said.


    Issa has five staff members entirely devoted to the donair project right now, because he knows there's only a brief window before people won't be looking for tree ornaments anymore.


    The whole thing proves that Haligonians are absolutely nuts about donairs.

    "It's a shameful food," Issa said. "It's a pretty good meal and it's not something you want to brag about when you eat it. But it shows how much we actually love our food here."

    The tree ornament even comes wrapped like an actual donair!


    While this ornament doesn't spin like the original, Issa said he would be open to making a spinning version next year.

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