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    This Is What Your Car's GPS Would Sound Like As A New Brunswicker

    Meet Raymond, the authentic New Brunswick GPS voice.

    Ever wonder what authentic New Brunswick directions would sound like on your car's GPS? The folks at The Manatee have made a hilarious video imagining just that. Meet Raymond, the New Brunswick GPS voice.

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    "You asked for a navigation voice that you can relate you, that can pronounce New Brunswick destinations, and above all, represents who New Brunswickers truly are."

    Raymond is full of useful tips — whether you asked for them or not.

    The Manatee / Via

    He knows all the shortcuts.

    The Manatee / Via

    And he's got all sorts of wisdom to share.

    The Manatee / Via

    This is the the most useful GPS any Canadian could ask for.

    The Manatee

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