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    These Manitoba Hockey Fans Celebrated Ukraine By Tossing Sausages At A Washing Machine

    This is Peak Manitoba.

    The Dauphin Kings hockey team in Manitoba just held their first-ever Ukrainian Night, featuring lots of Ukrainian food, music, and dance.

    Members of the Ukrainian community greeting fans...and Ukie platter at the concession! #UkrainianNight

    Look at these adorable kids in their traditional Ukrainian clothes!

    Dauphin Kings / Twitter / Via Twitter: @dauphinkings

    Head Coach Marc Berry told BuzzFeed Canada the arena also played Ukrainian music throughout the night between periods and during stoppages in play.

    The most amazing part of the night, though, was the sausage toss.

    Dauphin Kings / Twitter

    Fans could buy fake kielbasa (also spelled kubasa or kubassa) for $1 a pop.

    An old washing machine was wheeled onto the ice and everyone tried to throw their sausage into the opening for a chance to win cash prizes.

    "The actual sausage used was rolled-up garden hose [that was] wrapped by a local meat processor," Berry said. "It's against Ukrainian custom to throw food."

    The night was a big success, and Berry said the Kings hope to make Ukrainian Night an annual thing.

    Watch the sausage toss in all its glory:

    View this video on YouTube

    Stay beautiful, Manitoba.


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