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These Manitoba Hockey Fans Celebrated Ukraine By Tossing Sausages At A Washing Machine

This is Peak Manitoba.

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The Dauphin Kings hockey team in Manitoba just held their first-ever Ukrainian Night, featuring lots of Ukrainian food, music, and dance.

Members of the Ukrainian community greeting fans...and Ukie platter at the concession! #UkrainianNight


Look at these adorable kids in their traditional Ukrainian clothes!

Dauphin Kings / Twitter / Via Twitter: @dauphinkings

Head Coach Marc Berry told BuzzFeed Canada the arena also played Ukrainian music throughout the night between periods and during stoppages in play.

"The actual sausage used was rolled-up garden hose [that was] wrapped by a local meat processor," Berry said. "It's against Ukrainian custom to throw food."

The night was a big success, and Berry said the Kings hope to make Ukrainian Night an annual thing.

Watch the sausage toss in all its glory:

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Stay beautiful, Manitoba.


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