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People Are Calling Out This Sexist Sign Hung Outside A House Near Queen's University

People were not amused by the "Daughter Drop Off" message.

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People in Kingston are calling out a house near Queen's University that flew a banner reading "Daughter Drop Off" on Labour Day.

"Daughter drop off" sign at Queen's. And they wonder why we have a sexual violence epidemic. #queensu

The hand-written banner flew outside a house in the so-called "student ghetto" near the school. It went up on the same day that many students were moving in before the fall term starts.

The sexist sign blew up online. "Rape culture is alive and well," this person tweeted.

SPOTTED on Queen's University Campus. Rape culture is alive and well. I am livid -- you should be too.

"Take your sexually violent shit down and leave our community," said this Kingstonian.

The “Daughter Drop Off” sign was put up just days after another Queen's student made the news. In August, 22-year-old Chance Macdonald was sentenced to 88 days of "intermittent jail" for a 2015 assault against a 16-year-old girl.

The commerce student had initially been accused of sexual assault and forcible confinement, but those charges were dropped by the Crown. His sentencing was pushed back for four months by the judge so as not to jeopardize an internship, the Kingston Whig-Standard reported.

On Tuesday, about two dozen people showed up to the house to protest the offensive banner.

A couple dozen people rally outside 377 Brock St, where the Daughter Drop Off sign was hung

People held signs demanding respect for women on campus and the surrounding communities. "I am a daughter," read one of the messages.

Crowd gathering in front of Brock St house which yesterday had displayed sign saying "Daughter Drop Off". #ygk

Susan Lord, who organized the demonstration, told the Kingston Heritage newspaper that it was part of a long-term problem.

"I’ve been working at Queen’s since 1996 and we’ve seen repeatedly every year signs of this nature or worse," she said.

"I don't want to have a campus where signage like this or sexual harassment in general goes unnoticed or unremarked on."

The people who live in the house were no-shows, but campus authorities have reportedly been in touch with the residents.

These daughters weren't dropped off-they stopped by of their own volition. Weirdly,there doesn't appear to be anybo…

Queen's University Principal Daniel Woolf said he was "extremely disappointed" in the students who hung the banner.

"Inappropriate and offensive signage is unacceptable [and] will not be tolerated," he said on Twitter.

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