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17 Hilarious Tweets Of People Discovering Curling

Curling rocks.

Curling kicks extreme amounts of ass, but a lot of people have to rediscover that every four years.

1. It will hook you before you know what's happening.

did not see my mixed curling obsession coming.

2. They're spellbound.

Olympic curling appears like an old spirit friend. I watch. I listen. Spellbound. An hour passes. And I have no idea what just happened.

3. Some are total haters.

Curling has to be the most obscure olympic sport. What is the point?

4. Others try to understand, but they simply can't.

Okay, curling. You win. I don’t understand you and it seems I never will.

5. But it's really not that complicated, folks.

6. Every four years!

Every four years I have a passionate affinity for curling.

7. Don't fight it.

I have fallen victim to the hype. I watched curling, and by gosh ... I liked it. I need counseling.

8. Curling can be relaxing...

Curling has to be one of the most soothing sports I have ever seen.

9. But also really nerve-racking.

i haven't been this nervous watching a mixed doubles curling game since i watch my 1st mixed doubles curling game on Thursday.

10. People are imagining ways to make it even more exciting.

why haven't they tried curling on the luge track yet

11. And dangerous.

They should combine curling and Figure skating. Try to knock your opponent over by sliding stones on the ice during… https://t.co/2XIMvv8IMJ

12. "It is the second-greatest justification for getting drunk in the winter, after ice fishing."

i used to skip class in high school to watch curling. a few of us even went curling at the local curling club. It i… https://t.co/6ji6Bwnhwd

13. Also, curling has some very exciting storylines.

the Olympics are good because people say things like "he used to be the bad boy of curling" and they're being totally serious

14. Seriously, how can you beat this level of drama?

"He was once known as the bad boy of curling in Canada" - a real line of commentary I just heard on the Olympic broadcast.

For those wondering, that's Canada's John Morris, who earned his reputation by breaking brooms and once ripping off his shirt in anger.

15. Curling rocks, that's why.

Why do I love curling so much? #winterolympics

16. Even Mr. T is getting into it.

I am really Pumped watching the Winter Olympics. I am watching events I never thought I would watch before, like cu… https://t.co/tpGzBilTW7


[watching curling] after 1 mins: ugh this is dull 10 mins: he's overdone the turn on this stone 30 mins: three in t… https://t.co/OJbAv9v0WD