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    People Are Calling For CTV To Fire This Meteorologist For Joking About "The Heat" In Fort McMurray

    Cindy Day says she was unaware how serious the fire was at the time.

    People are calling for CTV to fire meteorologist Cindy Day for a joking remark about "the heat" in Fort McMurray as wildfires closed in on the Alberta city. She says she wasn't mocking the plight of residents there, but was simply unaware of how bad the situation had gotten.

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    Day made the unfortunate remark on Tuesday's CTV Atlantic evening newscast. After noting how cool and damp it had been in Nova Scotia that day, she suggested people should be jealous of the high temperatures in the prairies, especially the "hot spot" of Fort McMurray.

    "If you have friends and relatives in Fort McMurray, don't call them. They're just gonna brag about the heat."

    Day's quip struck many people as incredibly insensitive. The wildfire had already made its way into the city at the time, and some neighbourhoods were under mandatory evacuation orders.

    "Don't call your family in Fort McMurray they're just gonna brag about the heat" @CindyDayCTV what is wrong with you? Honestly. 🖕🏻

    People with friends and family in Fort McMurray were especially upset by Day's comment.

    @CindyDayCTV , your so right I bet my family is loving this warm weather! #FortMacFire

    Hey @CindyDayCTV my friends are not 'bragging' about the heat in Fort McMurray...

    Many people from Atlantic Canada have moved to Alberta in the last two decades — especially to Fort McMurray — for work.

    While many people called for Day to be fired for her latest misstep, others defended her. The Halifax Examiner's Tim Bousquet called it an "honest mistake" and pointed out that much of the abuse she had been getting online was explicitly misogynist.

    Day responded to the outrage a day after the broadcast, posting an explanation on her Facebook page. She said she'd been out of the office all day on a shoot and was unaware of how dangerous things had gotten in Fort McMurray.

    Facebook: cindyweather

    "I was aware of the situation, but the last time I was able to get an update was the morning, when the fire was expected to remain on the other side of the river... not threatening the city."

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