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An Alberta Mom Made A Painfully Bad Anti-Trans Rap Song

"This is just fender bender all over sex and gender."

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A "concerned Alberta mother" has released a bizarre rap song to protest the province's efforts to make schools more inclusive for LGBT students.

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Here's what we know:

* The song is called "Gender Bender" and performed by someone only identified as M H Wiebe.

* She's described as a "concerned Alberta mother" on YouTube. There's also a link back to, which has information for parents opposed to Bill 10, the Alberta government's legislation to make schools recognize diverse sexual and gender identities. It's unclear who's behind the website.

* It's a really, really bad rap song.

Some sample lyrics:

Listen, listen, to what I say.
The animal kingdom is smarter this way.
The animals, oh, they lead with more guile.
Their offspring keep their gender in the wild.
If we can't address male and female.
We've lost our purpose, in life we fail.
If our children lose their identity,
This will be sad for our future, you see.
My heart goes to the fatherless and abused,
And I guess that's why we have some confused.
I am a concerned mother of three.
Keep male and female washrooms where our children can pee.

Bill 10, the Alberta NDP government's education bill, has not been popular with many conservatives in the province. There have been protests against it and critics have even described it as "totalitarianism." And now, this.

M H Wiebe / Via

The reviews for "Gender Bender" have not been kind.

This is the most agonizing thing I have ever had to experience. 😖😖😖

Concerned parent "raps" about Bill 10:

Is this what rap sounds like in Alberta?

It's hard to look away.

Help. Can't stop watching this "concerend mom" rap about how she hates transgender bathrooms

The song is even drawing comparisons to other rappers.

Look If you had One shot One opportunity To oppress trans kids in Canada Would you take it Or just let it slip



Did anyone expect "concerned Alberta mom raps" to be anything other than offensive on multiple levels?

Seize the day!

M H Wiebe / Via

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