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    Remember Cassidy The Miracle Kitten? He No Longer Needs His Wheelchair To Get Around

    Let him catspire you.

    Remember Cassidy, the kitten who used a tiny wheelchair to get around?


    The little guy's back legs were damaged at birth. By the time he was rescued from a feral colony he'd almost starved to death. He was taken in by the TinyKittens Society, an animal rescue group in Langley, British Columbia.

    After weeks of healing, Cassidy took his first steps in his fancy new wheelchair in September.

    Well, now there's a MAJOR UPDATE to the story: Cassidy no longer needs the wheelchair to get around!

    TinyKittens / Via Facebook: tinykittens

    TinyKittens released another video on its Facebook page recently that shows Cassidy's continued progress.

    He went from having his hind legs physically moved for him, to walking with a harness, to finally being able to walk all on his own in an adorably clumsy sort of way.

    TinyKittens / Via Facebook: tinykittens

    Go, Cassidy, go!

    Watch Cassidy's amazing progress.

    Facebook: video.php

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