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    This Ingenious Teenager Shovelled His Driveway On A Hoverboard

    "He said he's going to mow the lawn like that in the summer."

    Shovelling the driveway is the worst, but this ingenious Canadian teenager found a way to make the task easier for himself.

    "He basically does everything with it, all of his chores," she said. "That's just the first thing that I got on video."

    Jennifer Isabelle / Facebook

    Isabelle said her son also vacuums and takes the trash out on his hoverboard. He plays soccer, so he is "pretty agile," she said.

    “He ended up doing the whole driveway. He’s great on it.”

    Isabelle said she was somewhat worried about getting a hoverboard for her son after numerous reports of them exploding and sparking fires, but her husband researched it and felt it was safe.

    “At least he gets his chores done. He said he’s going to mow the lawn like that in the summer.”