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This Disturbing Cheeseburger Took 3.5 Pounds Of Ground Beef And Two Frozen Pizzas To Make

"Everyone thought it tasted pretty good."

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Firefighters in Nova Scotia gave one of their own a delicious/disturbing send-off this week. They made this giant cheeseburger weighing about eight pounds. It took seven people to finish it off.

Chris Skalin

This behemoth was Chris Skalin's idea. He's a corporal with the military fire department at the air force base in Shearwater, Nova Scotia.

Skalin told BuzzFeed Canada that one of the fire department's members was leaving to take a training course, "so we decided to just make something different for his last day."

The burger patty required 3.5 pounds of ground beef and four eggs. Then they added two packs of maple bacon and a whole bunch of shredded marble cheese, Skalin said.

This was the glorious/revolting result. But looks can be deceiving. "Everyone thought it tasted pretty good," Skalin said.

Chris Skalin

"We split it into eight pieces, and seven of us ate it with two people splitting the last piece," he said. "Just really greasy, which is expected."

Only one of the firefighters struggled to finish his enormous pizza cheeseburger slice.

"His head was down and he looked terrible."

And then there was dessert, courtesy of the guy who was leaving. "I think it is called sex in a pan. Chocolate, whipped cream, Skor bar bits." Damn!

Chris Skalin

But don't worry. These firefighters aren't planning on making this a regular occurrence. Otherwise they'd be too sleepy to actually, you know, fight fires.

"It was a one-off kind of thing," Skalin said.

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