15 Super Weird Canadian Crime Stories From 2016

    Maple syrup heists are the best heists.

    1. When an employee of the Royal Canadian Mint was found guilty of smuggling $165,000 worth of gold in his butt.

    2. When a thief's footsteps in fresh snow gave her away.

    Fallen snow helps police capture robbery suspect: https://t.co/TTW0UkgEyh

    3. That time a Manitoba hockey player acted out his own "Florida Man" story at Disney World.

    4. When this woman planned the best road trip ever.

    5. When a guy called 911 to complain about being stopped by police for speeding.

    Toronto man calls 911 (twice) after car impounded near S. Falls for speeding, demanding lift to Kingston. https://t.co/kmBaaRbDPJ #ottnews

    According to the Ottawa Citizen, the Toronto man was ticketed and his car was impounded for a week after he was caught going more than 50 km/h over the speed limit.

    6. This mad caper.

    Jury convicts men who drained 3,000 tonnes — or $18.7M worth — of maple syrup from Quebec warehouse… https://t.co/NJ3lz256xH

    A jury found three men guilty of the great maple syrup heist of 2011-12, which was the largest theft ever investigated by Quebec police.

    A movie about the whole sticky affair is reportedly in the works.

    7. This even weirder caper, when someone allegedly stole $17,000 worth of hand soap from a business.

    Hand soap caper leaves Hawkesbury business $17K in the hole, OPP say #ottnews

    Who keeps that much hand soap lying around?

    8. When a would-be bank robber decided the bank was too busy for him to rob.

    9. When a guy robbed a karaoke bar in Alberta, then apologized before making his getaway.

    10. When someone apologized to the whole town after leading police on a car chase.

    11. When a couple in B.C. had sex while driving. How do you even... 🤔

    One of our officers stopped a 🚗 w/ a couple engaged in coitus while driving. License & registration took longer than expected to produce...

    The couple got a ticket for their trouble, police said.

    12. When a thief turned himself in after the store owner he robbed friended him on Facebook.

    13. This hero.

    14. The time police arrested a suspect in a break-and-enter case as she was trying to escape on an ice floe.

    15. And of course, the time a guy hijacked a bus to get his late-night Timmies.