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    17 Times The News In Canada Was Just Kind Of Underwhelming

    "Driving is harder in the rain"

    1. When Kelowna had an exciting weekend.

    These Kelowna Daily Courier headlines are literally breathtaking...

    2. When a man atop a Toronto crane had every right to be there.

    3. When a suspicious package just turned out to be homework.

    @YRP / Twitter

    They still managed to get a burn in.

    4. This exciting relocation in Prince Edward Island.

    Exciting stuff happening in P.E.I. (h/t @TristinHopper)

    5. When things went off without a hitch in Regina.

    Boring Canadian headline of the day: "Event deemed a success."

    6. When being ranked the ninth least corrupt country in the world was "awesome."

    Awesome! #Canada is the 9th least corrupt country in the world!

    7. This pressing question in the Globe and Mail.

    Globe and Mail / Via

    8. When an Ottawa-area couple fought city hall over the placement of their veggie garden.

    CBC News / Via

    Choice quote: "Having spent 13 years in the military, and now I'm getting out and I'm growing a garden and doing my own thing, and I've served this country, and you're telling me I can't grow a little garden to feed myself? That's just not on."

    9. Or when Winnipeg's snow plows went rogue.

    CTV News / Via

    10. When subway etiquette became "trending" news.

    when Canada is so boring that the news turns into this

    11. When Newfoundland was just happy people noticed it.

    CTV News / Via

    Really, really happy.

    Mindy Kaling
    Weather Network / Via

    That's a solid pronunciation tip, though.

    12. When noted sports broadcaster Ron Maclean expressed his love of... sports.

    The Chronicle Journal / Via

    Sportsman loves sports.

    13. When driving sections tackled some of the most important issues facing motorists.

    The Globe and Mail / Via Twitter: @BastienLaurent

    14. This beaver.

    CBC News / Via

    "Motorists keep an eye out for Canada's national symbol" 👀

    15. When even journalists had to admit there wasn't really much going on.

    16. When visitors to Canada took notice.

    Not saying Canada is boring or anything but I watched one of their newscasts recently and the main headline was a mild downpour of rain.

    17. ...And Canadians noticed that other people had noticed how boring things are around here, and it led to a lot of anxiety.

    National Post / Via

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