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This Canadian Grandma Made A Very Wholesome Gift For Her Family To Celebrate Canada 150

Better than an HBC blanket.

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Here's one way to ring in Canada's 150th birthday: By cozying up with this beautiful and patriotic quilt.

Lucas Zetsen / Via

Sherry Zetsen of Camrose, Alberta, is making four of these quilts for her children and her husband.

This is her first finished quilt, and it took between 60 and 75 hours to put together. Zetsen told BuzzFeed Canada she's been quilting for more than three decades, and that it's her favourite way to pass the time now that she's retired.

"It's time consuming but for me it's a good stress reliever," she said.

"It's a passion," she said. "I absolutely love quilting, and it turned out way better than I imagined."

Lucas Zetsen

Zetsen said she wanted to do something special for the 150th anniversary of Confederation, and when she came across this pattern at a quilting shop in Stony Plain, she knew she'd found her project.

There's even maple leaf stitching, for that extra bit of Canadian goodness.

Sherry's son Lucas shared a photo of the finished quilt on Reddit, where it was up-voted to the top of r/Canada.


The reaction was really positive, he said.

"I just wanted people to see it because I was so amazed and I just wanted to show her hard work off."

Sherry Zetsen now has to make three more quilts before Canada Day. She said the positive feedback online was nice, but she's just happy to be able to celebrate Canada in her small way.

"I'm just a true Canadian," she said. "I absolutely adore and love my country. I'm so glad I'm a Canadian and that my kids and grandchildren have a chance to grow up here."

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