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This Adorable Baby Penguin Will Take All Of Your Troubles Away

First-time parents, Reina and Javier, are thrilled!

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The male Humboldt penguin chick hatched June 26, to first-time parents Reina and Javier. According to zoo staff, who announced the arrival of the new chick on Facebook, Reina and Javier "have been great so far and are taking good care of their little one."

Look at this disgustingly cute thing!

Well he didn't come out for us, but here's another look at the @calgaryzoo 's little Humboldt penguin #yyc

The newest penguin doesn't have a name yet, but the zoo will probably hold a naming contest for the public soon, according to the Calgary Herald.

He's still camera-shy, which is why it took a month to get a good photo of him, but it won't be long before he learns to love the spotlight.


The @CalgaryZoo made public its new baby #humboldt #penguin today, born one month ago. @calgarysun