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This Canadian Senator Instantly Regretted The Stupid Thing He Said On Camera

Come on, dude. We all heard it.

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This is Conservative Senator Kelvin Ogilvie. He has the world's worst poker face.

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Ogilvie, a senator from Nova Scotia, called two CBC reporters "parasites" on Thursday, then tried to pretend that he hadn't just said the thing everyone heard him say and which was also caught on camera.

The reporters were in a Senate committee room to talk to another senator, Lynn Beyak, who was just removed from the Aboriginal people's committee after defending residential schools.

At this point, it seemed Ogilvie just wanted the reporters to go away.

CBC / Via

"I have no comment on that whatsoever," he said when asked again why he called the journalists parasites.

"What kind of silliness is this? Why don't you folks go away and find somebody else to bother?"

And then, in a display of staggering chutzpah, Ogilvie tried to claim the moral high ground.

CBC / Via

"I have no comment to you this morning whatsoever after the comment you just made," Ogilvie said, apparently referring to the questions about why he considered journalists parasites.

Here's video of the whole exchange. (Ogilvie's part starts about a minute into the clip.)

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Just another fun day in Canada's Senate!

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