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    Brad Trost's Campaign Says He's "Not Entirely Comfortable With The Whole Gay Thing"

    Trost promised never to attend a pride rally.

    Conservative MP Brad Trost says he does not support "the gay lifestyle" — which he defines as "gay people having gay sex."


    Trost, who is running for leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada, is from the socially conservative wing of the party. In an email to supporters this week, he pledged never to attend a pride parade, either as Conservative leader or as Prime Minister, and chided other Conservative politicians for showing support for the LGBT community.

    His campaign followed that up with a video on the same theme.

    “In case you haven’t noticed, Brad’s not entirely comfortable with the whole gay thing,” campaign spokesperson Mike Patton said in the video.

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    “For sure, Brad is not a big fan of the gay lifestyle," Patton said at another point.

    Asked to clarify his position, Trost told BuzzFeed Canada on Tuesday that he supports everyone's ability to do what they want in private.

    "It's not any of my business. But I don't support a lot of the political agenda that has been often ascribed to the political leadership of the L-G-B-sort of community," he said.

    He said he had not yet seen his campaign's video, but did not dispute its message about his discomfort with "the gay lifestyle."

    "A gay lifestyle would be people having — how would we put this — gay people having gay sex. That's their business, from my perspective, but it's not something I want to teach my kids is right and moral," Trost said.

    Trost said he believes "sex is supposed to be in a committed heterosexual married relationship."

    Trost, a former geophysicist, has represented the Saskatoon–University riding since 2004. He is part of the Parliamentary pro-life caucus and one of the most outspoken MPs in Ottawa for a "traditional" definition of marriage.

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