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    This Fort McMurray Neighbourhood Now “Looks Like It Was Bombed"

    "My childhood home and everything I've ever known is burnt to the ground."

    As a devastating wildfire swept into Fort McMurray on Tuesday, one neighbourhood was affected more than almost all others. Authorities say 70% of homes were destroyed in Beacon Hill.

    Residents shared harrowing messages and photos as the flames approached.

    "My childhood home and everything I've ever known is burnt to the ground," one resident tweeted while escaping the inferno.

    #ymmfire Us getting out of Beacon Hill! My childhood home and everything I've ever known is burnt to the ground. :(

    The entire city of Fort McMurray was given a mandatory evacuation order Tuesday evening. It's the largest fire evacuation in Alberta's history.

    People took to social media to let friends and family know they were safe, even as the scale of the devastation was still setting in.

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    "Scariest shit I have ever seen first hand, But we're safe."

    After the fire subsided in parts of Fort Mac, this is what Beacon Hill looked like on Wednesday morning.

    Le quartier de Beacon Hill ravagé. #ymmfire #rcab

    "Completely destroyed."

    Beacon Hill aftermath...Completely destroyed. @ctvedmonton #ymm #ymmfire #ctv

    Authorities have stressed that people should not return to Fort McMurray as it is still dangerous.

    Tamara Wolfe, music director at a Fort McMurray radio station, shared a sombre note on Facebook. "As the sun rises reality is setting in. I'm heart broken. Our life today looks a whole lot different than it did yesterday."

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    "We have lost everything."

    And as the fight against the wildfires continued, concern and condolences poured in from around Canada.

    Used to live in Beacon Hill in Fort McMurray. To my old neighbours, I am so very sorry for your loss. Devastating.

    Loved living in Beacon Hill during my time in Fort McMurray. Quiet, secluded part of the city. Sad to hear it's gone.

    Just saw pictures on CBC News Network of the Beacon Hill neighbourhood in Fort McMurray where my cousin lives. It looks like it was bombed.

    One former Fort McMurray resident, who currently lives in Edmonton, summed up what a lot of people are feeling. "We're gonna support you and help you rebuild, I promise."

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    The damage in Beacon Hill was downgraded on Wednesday from 80% to 70% of homes. However, the damage in other parts of the city was also revised. About 90% of homes are now believed to have been destroyed in Waterways.